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Hair transplantation in Budapest, Hungary

Hungary has long been known for health tourism. Tens of thousands of patients travel to Hungary every year for major dental treatments or plastic surgeries to receive high-quality treatments at affordable prices. In health tourism, innovation and infrastructure development are important. In the last ten years, many Hungarian hair surgeons have also carried out research.  The infrastructural developments are also significant in this medical field. Today we can state with certainty that Budapest has become the centre of hair transplantation in Europe.

A few years ago it was still popular in Western Europe to travel home with new hair from a holiday in Turkey. Many patients had to make hair corrections in Hungary after these treatments due to the use of hair transplant devices and the incompetence of unskilled staff. Nowadays, quality is the most important factor. Today it is more important for the candidates to have a high medical quality, a perfect aesthetic result and an EU guarantee.

FUE Safe hair transplantation

While hair transplantation was a major plastic surgery before the turn of the millennium, it is now a gentle outpatient operation under local anaesthesia that leaves no permanent surgical scars.

During the FUE technique, hair is transplanted from groups of 2 to 5 hairs. These so-called follicular units or grafts are completely insensitive to hormonal effects, therefore they never fall out. The grafts are harvested with a sharp, round knife. This process and this tool were refined and so the FUE-Safe procedure was developed.

We use a blunt mini-drill to excavate the grafts. The hair units cannot be damaged during their extraction. No scars visible to the naked eye remain. The grafts are then treated with a reinforcing agent, and after careful planning, they are reimplanted into the scalp by our hair surgeons.

Today, FUE-Safe hair transplantation is the safest, most effective and gentle method of natural hair transplantation, providing a definitive result and a definitive solution for the patient against hair loss. Learn more about it!

Psychological consequences of hair loss

Hair loss is not always associated with an illness, as is the case with hereditary hair loss, but aesthetic consequences often cause psychological problems.

Many suffer from it and feel their self-esteem is impaired when their hair falls out. They feel less attractive and healthy. This is not only true for women, but also for men who often perceive their receding hair as a psychological strain and would like to stop the process.

To whom is the FUE Safe method recommended?

Both female and male patients over 25 years of age with hereditary hair loss.

Candidates with weakened hair and hair loss due to wearing a cap or a bad hairstyle. In men, forehead and temples are the first to be affected by hair loss; so-called secret hairline corners form. This is often followed by a bald forehead. Next, many men lose their hair on the upper back of the head (vertex region).

For patients with Alopezia Areata, who have spot-like bald spots in their hair, a FUE Safe hair transplant is indicated.

A prerequisite for FUE hair transplantation is that the patient still has enough hair units in the donor area (back of the head). It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor in the early stages of balding.

The operation is preceded by a blood test. Candidates who have inflammation in their body are not recommended to have hair implants until they have healed. For patients with blood clotting disorders, surgery is sometimes refused.

Are you suitable for hair transplantation? Do you have a particular disease? Our doctor will inform you individually in our personal consultation about the possibility of hair transplantation.

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